“Kundli” is the Hindi term for “Horoscope”. A Kundi together with readings predicts your future, tells you about yourself (SWOT Analysis), your problems, how to overcome them, what to do and what not to do and gives you a structured analysis of all that you need to know about your future.

Astrosanjeevni knows that YOU ARE UNIQUEPERSON and hence provides you Unique service by providing personalized prediction. We do not believe in providing software online to get generalized readings.

We shall study your horoscope and send your UNIQUE PREDICTIONS (generally in 48 hours) by email.

Various Reports which are available from Astrosanjeevni and donation prescribed is as follows:

Type of Report Donation in INR Donation in USD Book Report
Basic Horoscope/Kundali 1,100 21
Detailed Horoscope/Kundali 5,100 101
Annual Prediction 2,100 21
Grih Transit Report 2,100 21
Career & Finance 5,100 101
Education & Career 5,100 101
Love and Relationship 5,100 101
Health & Medical 5,100 101
Business & Profession 5,100 101
Child and Teen 5,100 101
Vocational Prediction 5,100 101
Marital Prediction 5,100 101
Life Prediction Report 11,000 201

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