Remedies like Havan, Yagna or Abhishekam are also performed for the natives by the team Astrosanjeevni.

Vedic Havan & Yagn may include the following types of Pujas and donation for each of them (exclusive of Havan Samagri Kit, which is approx INR 3,000 per case) is listed as follows:

Type of Havan Donation in INR Donation in USD Book Jap
Simple Havan 3,100 101  
Maha-Mrtunjaya Havan 5,100 101  
Mrit Sanjeevani 5,100 101  
Ayush Havan 5,100 101  
Mahalkshami Havan 5,100 101  
Dhanvantari Havan 5,100 101  
Durga Havan 5,100 101  
Deity Abhishekam 5,100 101  
Navagrah Havan 5,100 101  
Any Other Havan 5,100 101  

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