About Us

Astrosanjeevni.com has been developed and launched by Salesnet Services Private limited in collaboration with BPA Foundation.

Unlike other astrology website, astrosanjeevni.com does not drag you to the heavy text material on the subject of astrology or simply to provide you generalistic readings on the subject of astrology or a mechanical match making.

As you are UNIQUE to us, astrosanjeevni.com provides you your UNIQUE and specialized readings and predictions for future. SUBMIT your particulars to us and we will email you your UNIQUE HOROSCOPE and Readings and Predictions.

We also provide you unique remedial solutions together with hands on resources to carry out and perform those remedial measures, even if you are living at a distance.

Astrosanjeevni.com team is always alert to provide you almost all kinds/types of Poojas, Mantra-Jap, Hawan and other performances at the most reasonable cost. We can organize for you Video based Pooja, where you can watch, listen and participate in Pooja and cherish instantaneously.

In case it requires carrying out any specific Pooja or Combination of Pooja, Hawan or Jap we may customize the same as per your need.